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Wayne Davison's home page

Here are a few things that you might be interested in:

Dreamhost Domains

One thing I like about registering my domains at is that they have a free "WHOIS privacy" service that lets you keep your home address and email info away from spammers and such. Check it out! (If you sign up for anything, please let them know that referred you.)

rsync file-transfer program

I'm maintaining the rsync file transfer program. This program comes installed on most modern Linux/BSD/MacOS/etc. systems, so chances are you may already have it.

repos: multi-repository helper scripts

See the repos page for some helper scripts that make it easier to deal with the basics of source-code management via some 2-letter commands. Particularly useful for those switching between several repository types.

pml2html: convert a Palm Markup Language file to HTML

The perl script pml2html will convert a Palm Markup Language file into an OEB (Open EBook) format HTML file, complete with style sheet, table-of-contents file, etc. Unlike some other PML converters I've seen, it does such a good job that the "tidy" program has almost no warnings on the resulting HTML file. Of course, this script only converts unencrypted files.

pop-before-smtp email authorization

I used to maintain the pop-before-smtp perl script that lets you authorize mail relaying through your system to anyone who has a POP or IMAP account on your server.

rbmake book-maker for the Rocket eBook

If you have an age-old Rocket eBook or REB1100 ebook reader and you need to turn some pages into .rb files, the rbmake project is a good tool for the more technically inclined. It's a command-line tool, so it's not as user-friendly as certain GUI apps that you might find, but it is good for bulk conversions (and I'm proud to say that at least two online book sellers, FictionWise and Baen Books were using my program to format their RB ebooks during its heyday.

If you're interested in how unencrypted .rb files are put together, see this page on the format of the .rb file.

I also have some older scripts for modifying Baen WebScription eBooks. These scripts aren't really needed these days, though, so they only really have historical value (if any at all).

Low-Carb Food Ideas

I've enjoyed eating foods lower in refined carbohydrates for the last 10 years (or so). If you'd like some eating ideas, see my low-carb eating page.

Trn 4.0 testing

Trn now has a project on Visit trn's new home page for more details.

Feel free to grab the latest tar file or to check out the various patch files (which include release notes at the start of the diffs). I've created PGP signatures of the latest releases that you can use to verify the copy's validity by using my PGP signature.

Also, there's a new FAQ list that I just created. Feel free to email me some questions that you think should be included in the FAQ.

The trn tar file:

Some trn patch files:

Also, please subscribe to ONE of the trn mailing lists:

by sending a message with "subscribe" in the subject to the appropriate request address: All mail sent to announce is also sent to the users and workers lists, while all users mail is also sent to the workers list. Thus, you should never join more than ONE mailing list.

If you want to reach just me, send mail to . I often get slow at responding to my trn mail when I get busy -- sorry.

There's some on-line documentation available (type 'h'), including sample files of some of the really new things.

Don't forget to check out the option selector (type '&' RETURN) because most of the new features are controlled this way now.

If you want to play with the Tk enhancement, see the README file in the support/tk subdirectory and cross link the executable to the name "tktrn" to get it to run.